HTC Puccini comes with Honeycomb Android OS

Mobile is a very necessary part of our life. Everyone uses this device.Now after this the mobiles are the next generation invention and thus the need of the mobiles has become very necessary.The HTC Puccini Price in India is very excellent mobile manufacturing company. The HTC mobiles are surely given good competition to other mobile company phones. The HTC Puccini is a perfect invention by the company. The HTC Puccini price in India is not confirmed.

The HTC Puccini features and specification are outstanding. The cell phone is comes with 4G networking connectivity option. The mobile phone is having nice and elegant looks and design. The handset is available with black color. The HTC Puccini is enabled advance multimedia features. The mobile phone is supported with MP3 and MP4 player which can provide unlimited fun and enjoyment. The handset is enabled with good internal and external memory. The HTC Puccini is integrated good battery backup ability which can provide good talk time and standby time.

The HTC Puccini is a tablet bar form factor. The mobile phone is having 10 inches TFT Touchscreen display. Multi touch input method is also available in the cell phone. The handset is enabled with accelerometer and light sensors. The HTC Puccini is having vibration MP3 and polyphonic ringtones. The mobile phone is providing instant massaging like Goggle talk. Multi audio and video format facility is also presented in the cell phone. The handset is technically endowed with video streaming facility. Audio jack of the mobile phone is 3.5mm which can provide loud and clear sound. The HTC Puccini is loaded with android v3.0 OS (Honeycomb).

A – GPS all are integrated with the cell phone. The mobile phone is having social networking service which can provide face book and twitter social sites. Bluetooth is also enabled in the handset. The HTC Puccini is integrated with WIFI and USB cable port device. The mobile phone is supported HTML, WAP2.0 and XHTML flash browser. The cell phone is having lots of games. The handset is providing 3G, GPRS and EDGE connectivity options. The HTC Puccini is providing Email communication service. The phonebook contact storage capacity is depends on the mobile memory. Caller groups, multiple numbers per contact and search by both first and last name features are extra added in this device.

The HTC Puccini mobile will have competition with Dell Streak Pro. The Dell Streak Pro price in Indian is very impressive so it is very popular in Indian market.

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Google TV on DISH Network ? Complete home entertainment for all

DISH Network is a popular satellite TV provider in the United States of America that has the best of channel lineups on offer for you. It is one of the leaders in the industry and has brought almost all the premium DISH Network channels for you to watch. Earlier you had to pick from different channels and tell your cable operator to show your favorite channel. Sometimes you even had to pay extra to view other channels of your choice. But today with DISH TV, this problem has been solved. Now there are huge programming packages for you and you can select the pack that contains most of the channels that you love to watch.

Yes, rightly DISH Network has made home entertainment more joyful. In fact, watching television was not as much fun as it is now. Now, you can watch Google TV on DISH Network as well. The best of television entertainment has been clubbed with the best of web entertainment. Yeah, DISH Network has taken up this project and integrated Google TV with its satellite television. In fact, DISH Network is the first provider in the United States to go in for this partnership with Google, which is the new version of communication and entertainment for subscribers. No doubt, Google TV integration has made DISH more popular among its customers and other people.

You must be curious now to know about Google TV works in conjunction your regular television to offer you complete home entertainment. Well, let me give a detailed explanation here. For Google TV to work on your usual television, an internet connection is required, which is done with the help of Logitech Revue, a set-top box device. When this box is connected with your HD or Plasma television, you can enjoy watching all the features of Google search engine on your TV.

Now, the price of this unique set top box might be worrying you. But do not be tensed when DISH is here at your disposal forever. This box is offered at a nominal and exclusive price of just $ 179 by DISH TV, which is available in the market for $ 299. This price is especially offered to all those who are willing to subscribe to DISH Network services. With this, you can enjoy unlimited content research on Internet with the help of Google search. Moreover, you can watch videos at different portals like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon VOD to name some.

You have to keep in mind while you want to enjoy Google TV from DISH; you need to have HDTV coupled with a HDMI port. A high speed Internet connection is necessary. Even Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection will also go with Logitech Revue set top box.

DISH Network is known in the satellite TV world for its highest quality of transmission and various new features that it comes up with regularly. Moreover, DISH Network packages are quite cheap as well.

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The 11 best ways technology can give you an orgasm – Geek

The 11 best ways technology can give you an orgasm
The technology of sex toys has advanced a ridiculous amount in the last decade or so. Let's be crude here: if you were a dude getting off solo with a toy in the 20th century, it was probably pretty janky. Modern erotic aids like the Autoblow 2 are made

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Church Jobs

If you are in your youth and want to serve the people then church job is best for you.  There are number of jobs in church waiting for you. These are: Baptist, ministry, music pastor, church media, Nazarene youth pastor and marketing church jobs. There are many other jobs which can be reckoned by you if you are willing to work in church job. Many people must have heard about these jobs but there are only few who know the duties and descriptions of each specific job. So before applying for any church job you should know all about the job. Every job or post has different duties and responsibilities. Some of the jobs are of temporary nature while others are of permanent nature. There are many jobs which are not paid so it is nice to know all the factors so that you should not face problems thereafter.

Churches always look for pastor jobs because pastor is the life blood of church. Churches know that today’s youth is the tomorrow’s future so they always eager to employ as more youth as possible for the vacant posts. If you are finding for a pastor church job then you should aware yourself with many questions and answers. First of all you should know that the pastor job is paying job or not. There are many churches that advertise for the jobs but don’t have sufficient money to pay the job. So when you apply for a job, don’t assume that this is a paid job. It is good to ask if this is a paid job or not.

It has been seen many times that some church job employ pastor for a part time minister job. You should ask the church that either they are employing for full time job or part time job. Many person want to work as a part time minister job so if you one of them then you may be lucky. The responsibilities in youth pastor job change with the churches. Don’t assume that the responsibility you have served in last church they will be same in next one. This is the most important question you should ask before being hired. There are some reputable online companies or services which help you finding church job.  You can contact them and add your resume in their website. They search church jobs according to your qualification, experience and interests.

The Future of Ringtones

What most of us wonder is; have we come to the end of technology? Everything seems as though it has already reached its climax. When the monophonic ringtones came to the market, everyone thought that was it; nothing better could be made. That was until the inventors and composers came up with polyphonic ringtones. This left so many speechless. Now, we have the true tunes or the MP3. Nothing so far has proved to outdo them, so, is this the end of it all? Are we ever going to have ringtones better than the true tones?

The future is already here. Nothing can get better than these true tunes. Only new software can be designed to come up with other modifications and remixes. Rather than having to download the same tones that every other phone, you can opt to have personalize your own ringtones by doing your own recordings and remixes.

Use of ringtone software enables you to control the way your phone rings. The software makes you distinct and saves on your budget. Other than spend money on downloads; you can actually save a lot of cash by making your own unique and favorite ringtones. They will help you; the composer and creator come up with different ways of identifying different callers. By a mere tone, you can immediately identify who is calling without having to look up the screen.

The software is so easy to use and highly compatible. Creating different ringtones for different callers is made so easy. Instead of relying on the other option of creating a group ringtone, you can instead create a distinct ringtone for every caller in the phonebook. Only the cell phone owner knows his or her style; the ringtones adopted should therefore complement the kind of person that you truly are. Due to the high diversity, you can use different tones to match up with your mood, if the mood changes, you also change the phone tone. It is also more than easy to link up all the tones so that you can listen to each one of them without disruption. This can be made by downloading the tracks in to the movie lines.

There may be a future in ringtones, or, there may be none at all. It all depends on the cell phone owners’ levels of creativity, intelligence and desire to experiment different with various softwares. There are no laid down guidelines on what to do and what not to do. The level at which you are able to transform the current ringtones in the market is by frequent experimentations. This can however be enhanced by a kind of software that has several features. When looking for the right kind of software, look out for one that has the capacity to support different operations, is effective and efficient, is easy to use and has a manual to guide the user. You can never know what may happen tomorrow. With all the technology and aggressive composers, soon we may have superphonic ringtones.

I am an expert in the music industry, and an avid follower of the latest ringtone trends. Learn more about me by reading my other articles.

Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy – The Guardian

The Guardian
Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy
The Guardian
Visitors try out Windows 10 at a launch event in Seoul. The new operating system is being criticised for default settings that send personal information to Microsoft among other complaints. Photograph: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images. Alex Hern · @alexhern.
Microsoft's Windows 10 installed on 14 million
Windows 10 upgrade resets your default browser to Edge; Mozilla is very unhappyArs Technica

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Church Musician Jobs

Since there are so many religious denominations all over the world, if you want to showcase your talent and increase your experience in singing in a crowd, then one of the best ways to do this is by getting church musician jobs.

There are so many areas where you can use your talent and share it. Churches all over the world, especially in the U.S are hiring church directors, church choir, church musicians, even instructors that can teach members to play musical instruments or provide members with voice and singing lessons. Practicing gospel songs is one good way to improve your rhythm and tone. Elvis Presley, one of the best singers the world has ever known started singing Gospel songs. Even the likes of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin have all started as church musicians. 

You can also try becoming a church choir director while waiting for your career to start. You can use your talent and at the same time scout for singers and musicians that you can develop and help fulfill their dreams.

On another note, once you become a church musician you have to prepare yourself as there are a lot of duties to be performed. It is a 24/7 job and you need to love what you do in order to be able to sustain the energy. You need to work closely with pastors and the church staff and stay committed and focus on the projects. You should be responsible with the song choices and have to be there 100% to guide your team.

Remember that your experiences as a church musician will be a big help to your career and training in the future and you must do all that you can. You also need to prepare yourself for possible additional duties that could include performing in weddings and funerals.

Church musician jobs will widen your social circle, provide a way for you to be experience different forms of training and one sensible job that can help you use your talents and hone it for the best. It can be a good job that can boost your resume and profile in the community. Be sure to maximize what the church has to offer you. Befriend a lot of people who will support you in your musical career later on. Make sure to inspire upcoming talents that you discover in the church. Share their passion and love for music. This will enrich your church musician job 

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Google Shopper For Iphone Free For Product Comparisons

Google Feb. 1 launched Google Shopper for iPhone, months launching the mobile shopping assistant on its own Android platform.

Google Shopper lets users search for products by text or voice input, choose a specific product that looks useful and compare prices at online and local retailers, all from their Android handset or iPhone.

Users who are actually in a store where they find the product can scan the barcode of a product using their mobile phone’s camera to retrieve more information, including pricing and other specifications.

Google Shopper will also provide inventory information from participating retailers so users can see if a particular store branch has the item in stock, has limited availability, or if the item is out of stock.

Shoppers who aren’t sold on a particular product can “star” products for future purchase, or share items with friends via their social network to alert them of particular sales or deals.

Google made the Shopper app available as a free download in Apple’s App Store for the tens of millions of owners of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in the U.S. and U.K. (iOS 4.0+ is required).

That came after millions of consumers downloaded Google Shopper for Android, which the company last upgraded Nov. 15 as part of its Product Search roll-out.

Specifically, the search engine partnered with more than 70 retailers and software makers such as Oracle, JDA and Epicor to index inventory of local Best Buys and other outlets. These software makers then provide special adapters to funnel retailers’ inventory data to Google Product Search.

Consumers searching Google Product Search can click the “nearby stores” link to see where products are in stock at participating stores near their location. Then they can purchase it online or drive to that store to size up the product to better decide if they want to buy it.

While a far cry from challenging or eBay for their e-commerce mantles, Google is placing an increased focus on product search, particularly at the local level where millions of advertising dollars are untapped.

The company is slowly rolling out its Google Offers service to provide Groupon-like local deals.

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School technology task force employs California-based firm –
School technology task force employs California-based firm
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Your job interview checklist

You’ve landed an interview for that job you either really want or really need. No doubt, they will be interviewing many candidates for the position. How do you stack the cards in your favor so the odds will be on your side when it comes to their final decision? Use this helpful before, during, and after checklist to help brush up on those points to consider that will add up to a successful interview.

“The secret to a successful interview is being prepared,” says Michelle, a recruiter with a top New York City employment agency. No matter how experienced we may be at interviewing, this checklist will help review important points to remember.


______ Make sure your resume is polished, current and focused on that particular company’s need.

______ Have a current list of references that includes those who can present you, your accomplishments and your career potential in the best light.

______ Research the company and executives with whom you’ll meet.

______ Use your research to prepare intelligent comments and questions about the company.

______ Market yourself by using past career experiences.

______ Anticipate questions you will be asked and prepare answers.

______ Know how you plan to fill gaps in knowledge and skills, should they ask.

______ Be ready to explain how your professional network can benefit the position.

______ Have answers to how your long-term goals will fit within their company.

______ Be able to support your ability to adapt to change with professional examples.

______ Plan on wearing a conservative, professional looking interview outfit that’s appropriate to the position for which you are applying. No trendy, skin-revealing, bright outfits with noisy costume jewelry and stay away from severe black.

______ Practice. Practice. Practice! Rehearse your questions and responses in front of a mirror.

______ Investigate the interview location and the best route to get you there on time.

______ Get a good night’s sleep.

That morning

______ Have a light breakfast.

______ Do not wear strong perfume or heavy make-up.

______ Stash an extra pair of hose in your purse (just in case).

______ Leave a bit early so you will arrive unstressed and on time.


______ Arrive on time! (This can’t be emphasized enough.)

______ Turn off your cell phone.

______ DON’T chew gum.

______ Be courteous to the secretary or receptionist. This is the unofficial part of an interview.

______ Present a confident handshake that includes a smile and eye contact.

______ Have a professional looking folder for copies of resumes and recommendation letters to give an appearance of being well organized.

______ Maintain eye contact during the interview. Don’t avert your eyes or look down.

______ Listen carefully in order to give appropriate responses.

______ Avoid discussion of your personal life. Keep the discussion professional.

______ Be honest.

______ Show an interest in and knowledge of the company with the comments and questions you present.

______ Stay focused on discussion of the company and topics relevant to the position.

______ Don’t talk too much – or too little.

______ Avoid using excessive hand gestures when speaking.

______ Use professional language with good grammar, avoiding slang.

______ Find the right balance of being enthusiastic and positive, while still remaining professional.

______ Speak slowly and enunciate. Fast speakers appear to be nervous.

______ Don’t fidget or play with items like a pen or eyeglasses.

______ Be careful of appearing cocky, arrogant or over-confident.

______ Taking notes gives a good impression, but be sure to maintain eye contact and not stare at the note pad.

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______ Tactfully veer away from negative issues of the past. Keep it positive.

______ Never bad-mouth past employers or co-workers.

______ Don’t appear anxious to hear about salary and perks. These are topics for a subsequent interview.

______ Be sure to emphasize any foreign language skills you might have.

______ Remember to close with a handshake, smile, and positive comment about how you look forward to meeting again to learn more about the company.


______ Immediately follow-up with a written note thanking the interviewer and briefly summarizing why you’re the best “man” for the job.

______ Assess your interview performance by reviewing this checklist in order to make adjustments for the next interview.

Remember, when you go out on an interview, you are merchandising the most important product in the world – YOU. Don’t miss a trick in selling yourself in the best way possible. Experts say 93% of communication is non-verbal, so it’s not just what you say that’s important, but how you present yourself, as well. Even one little slip-up can cost you that position you so much want. Do your homework and be prepared…and you’ll come out the winner.

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