The Importance of Social Networking

Because of social networking, people can be connected with their friends, groups or families online. Social networking sites are one of the easiest ways of communicating our loved ones. To keep in touch with them, reconnect with our old and long time friends that we haven’t been seen for a longest time. Also because of this we are free on the ideas of getting friends virtually. We can also create real-life friends with similar interest and groups.

Consequently, this is important in establishing social relationships. The members in social networking can share common interests with each other. They can have the opportunity to converse with the people who have the same fascination as them. Besides, social networking sites can additionally help its members to find a job, a living or giving businesses a chance to establish its venture and so with establishing business contacts.

These websites have a lot of additional features. They can have blog sites where one can have the opportunity to post their blogs and forums where its members can freely express themselves.  The members can also have the chance to design their profile page in accordance to their choice and personality. One of the trendiest extra features of these sites includes the music and the video sections. Other members can read their friend’s profile while the same time listening to their favorite music and watch videos.

These are the common things we see in social networking sites:

It has profiles. This is what they call “heart and soul” of the social networking sites. Profiles are regarded to be the members’ own internet sanctuary.
Security. These sites have an additional feature of reporting and block users who are violating rules.
Search. To find friends and expand relationships.
Legitimate Friend Focus. What made these sites enjoyable is for the reason that it communicates us with the people we already know and the option of keeping in touch with them.

Moreover, 15 most popular sites are the following:

Facebook. It was at first made for the intentions of college students to branched out but now, having 150 million users worldwide, it allows everyone membership.
MySpace.  Defined as the massive and daring the largest membership the internet’s social networking sites.
Linkedin. Having 12.5 million members and is widely used as a powerful business networking tool.
Friendster. Considered to be the top online social networking service.
Stumbleupon. Allows users to discover and rate webpages as well as photos, videos and news articles.
Del.ici.ous. a social bookmarking web service.
Digg. Made for discovering and sharing content from the net and submitting lings and stories.
Orkut. Designed to help the users meet new friends and maintaining the existing relationships.
Twitter. Allows sending updates to users by using SMS, instant messaging and e-mails.
Classmates. Oldest social networking sites.
Meetup.  Facilitates offline group meetings in the various localities around the world.
Yahoo! 360. A personal communication portal.
Xanga. Free Web-based service that host weblogs.
Care2. Connects activists around the world.
Ryze. Designed to link business professionals.

Social networking is one way to increase your friends not just offline but also online. If you want to know more about social networking, try to check:


Surprisingly, beautiful lawns are made and not born.  Taking proper steps while in the seeding phase can prevent weed-based issues all year long.  This means paying special incorporation of a range of the characteristics that determine growing rate and staying power.  Know when the weed grows to help you prevent it.

Cool-season weeds are likely to grow and flourish throughout the fall and wintertime in the southern fields of the United States while sowing grass seed is likely to go dormant.  Weeds fight to stay at the image of your grass.  As far as the weeds are concerned, they do not know you don’t want them in your lawn, so it’s best to prevent them from growing in the first place.

There are varieties of weeds:

Grassy weeds:  These appear like grass, they are true grasses, and however they are considered invasive weeds once they happen in the lawn.  Isn’t Bermuda grass a weed?  Bermuda grass seed is cheaper and more economical.  It can handle drought, can tolerate high levels of foot traffic, can recover well from damage, can adopt with a number of soil conditions.  Is it possible finding other grass seeds that grow tough of that sort?  You shouldn’t consider Bermuda grass as a weed.

Sedge weeds:  Sedge weeds also look as well as grow like grass, however, these would be not grasses, but sedges.  Sedges have solid un-jointed stems and therefore are usually discovered marshes and bogs.

Broadleaf Weeds:  These would be the biggest common place structure of weed discovered from gardens.  There are a few broad weed leaves that could be similar to buffalo grass or turf grass.  Therefore, if you are planning to sow buffalo grass seeds or turf grass seeds, watch out for these types of weeds.

After identifying those types of weeds plus your types of grass, preventing and eradicating them is the next step.

Fertilizing and applying pre-emergence might be crucial in your efforts to cope with weeds.  Results won’t come over night, so wait and see.  Understanding the best opportunity to use fertilizer is crucial in preventing weeds.

Mowing lawn regularly can help prevent weed growth.  When weeds are present, it is a good idea to bag your clippings so you can prevent them from spreading throughout the lawn.

Weeding is really a dreadful task, especially on the subject of pulling weeds that came from the ground.  They key thing to remember when pulling weeds coming from the ground to be sure you pull not just the weed, but including its roots.

Herbicides are becoming like more of active offer in varieties.  Some herbicides are actually formulated to kill certain weeds while killing your grass, too.  Just make sure to read labels clearly before using.

Reseeding of warm-Season grass often go dormant during the winter season, you may wish to consider reseeding your lawn with another cool-season grass seed to keep lawn looking green all year-round and crowd out cool-season weeds as part of your lawn.

Remember, weeds are battling with your grasses.  Weeds do not know that you don’t want them in your lawn, so it’s better to prevent them from growing.

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Your Avenues Of Opportunity Pertaining To Efforts To Build Gaming Pc

The computer industry has advanced to such an incredible phase that most of the people have their own unique demands that are associated with the investments made into PCs. Few people need very specific requirements associated with their PC in relation to their business aspects as well as improving possibilities to generate revenue. Several other individuals try to get advantage of the entertainment aspects of the online environment through the opportunities of online videos and games. The reality is that most generic computers provided by retail businesses will no longer meet the demands of any individual. The only sole possibility that is available to an individual is to look at the way to build your very own custom PC, when all of these limitations will not meet your demands.

By taking advantage of an opportunity to come up with your very own computer, you will be capable of customizing your technological needs to meet any demands you may have, whether its for business or for entertainment. When looking to take advantage of the opportunities that exist when you build gaming PC, there are a variety of ways available to you. Discovering which method of assembly will best assist you in meeting your gaming demands is significant to get the most from your investment and avoid complications which’ll cost money or limit your gaming opportunities.

The do-it yourself technique is the first and the sole opportunity that is available to an individual. Individuals make the decision to purchase many other equipment they can incorporate into their PC, in order to improve their gaming experience and generate their desired system. For people who has a great deal of knowledge about the computers or even computer systems, the opportunity to build custom PC on their own is best. For an individual who doesnt possess this information, this opportunity is strongly suggested against as it will result in likely mistakes and require a greater investment into your PC.

Another opportunity some individuals pursue while seeking to improve their gaming experience is to use a professional so as to generate their customized PC. When you visit all these experts at their places of business, youll be surprised to discover the immense knowledge that they have pertaining to how to build gaming PC and what you might need meeting your gaming expectations. Another surprise these individuals will probably be in store for is found with the incredible expense associated with utilization of all these professionals in order to generate their own PC. For anyone looking to save money with this investment, the usage of an in-store professional is often not recommended due to the incredible costs of their services.

While looking to pursue your greatest opportunity to build custom PC, look no further than from the comfort of your home and the resources of the online environment. The Internet has helped in creating an incredible market for individuals seeking to better their gaming experiences and a high level of competition which often aids in dropping down prices.

The customers of Talon Knight Enterprises have the option of an AMD AM3 system, an LGA 1156 system, or an LGA 1366 system that can be built from scratch and according to individual needs. There’s even a survey that ensures buyers get what they need and can afford. Building a computer from scratch will never again be easier than this.

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Multitouch Now Arrives at Google Nexus One

It is such good news for users of Nexus One as Google has recently unveiled a software update which is said to improve 3G connectivity while adding “pinch-and-zoom” multitouch to a trio of applications where the navigate-with-your-fingers technology was conspicuously absent.


In addition, once installed the update, the Nexus One and many other Android phones will also be added with Google Goggles, a visual search app or a new version of Google Maps.


Google Nexus One


Google Nexus One has updated multitouch


According to Google, the software update is claimed to provide such general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones.


More important and noticeable, thanks to the update; “pinch-and-zoom” multitouch will also be added to three of the phone’s primary applications: its browser, Google Maps, and Gallery, which is Google’s photo app. It means that Android phones of version 2.0 up to now will be supported with multitouch which can not be seen previously.


“pinch-and-zoom” multitouch will also be added to three of the phone’s primary applications: its browser, Google Maps, and Google’s photo app


However, it is likely that Google will have to take care of trademark and/or patent issues around the technology, which was popularized by Apple on the iPhone. It has been previously reported that Google had to turn off multitouch on Android 1.0 to implement the request of Apple.


As stated, Apple had once threatened to sue Palm over multitouch capabilities in its Palm Pre handset.


Multitouch saga


Nexus One and many other Android phones will also be added with Google Goggles, a visual search app or a new version of Google Maps.


It is the fact that up to now some users of Nexus One have to call for third-party apps to use multitouch on their devices. . European users of other Android-based handsets say they have had access to multitouch tools on Google applications that were unavailable to US users.


Google promises that to the end of this week, all of its Nexus One users will receive access to its Nexus One update. Nexus One users will notice an alert when receiving the update and then download the update and wait for it to install.


By the end of this week, all Nexus One users will receive access to its Nexus One update


Watch video:



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The secret Windows tablets of CES

The secret Windows tablets of CES

Asus, Fujitsu, MSI, Samsung and Motion aren’t the only PC makers with Windows slates at CES, although they’re the ones you’ll see shipping first (in fact you can order the Asus Eee Slate EP121 this month).

There are companies you may not have heard of doing Windows slates (like Viliv and Netbook). And then there are some tablet PC makers who are being a bit more cautious. Toshiba has its Windows 7 slate rotating in a case on its stand, carefully labelled as a technology demonstration.

Whatever product that turns into will ship in the US only initially; Toshiba Europe will have a Windows tablet “as soon as possible when we understand the European requirements” Toshiba president Alan Thompson told us.

The other Windows tablets we’ve seen at CES haven’t been on the show floor as products that are ready to ship; they’re prototypes of products we won’t see for a while and some are tucked away in private meeting rooms but they’re evidence that not all the PC manufacturers are going to wait for the slate improvements expected in Windows 8.

Not iPad, LePad

Lenovo is bringing its hybrid LePad Android/Windows combo tablet/notebook out in China first and that might also be the first place it sells the prototype 10.1-inch Windows 7 tablet we caught sight of.

ACTIVE PEN: The prototype Lenovo Windows slate has a multitouch screen – and an active pen for smpoth inking and drawing

Lenovo tells us it has plans to bring this Oak Trail Intel Atom tablet out in 2011 and didn’t say any more, but we learned a little more from looking at the system. We didn’t get an official name, but the PC name in Windows is the LT10.

The prototype has a 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD plus USB and SD ports tucked away behind a hinged flap and a dock connector on the bottom edge. It has a 1280 x 800 screen with combined finger touch and an active digitiser for the pen. Both gave us a nice smooth touch experience.

The custom Lenovo interface (divided into Work and Play) has big, finger-friendly icons and it’s much more responsive than the convertible IdeaPad S10 netbooks we’ve tried. Windows was reporting battery life of around six hours with Wi-Fi on (less than the eight hours Motion is promising from its similar slate).

CUSTOM UI: Can’t face touching the Start menu? Lenovo’s custom interface is simple but finger friendly

Lenovo is also planning some nifty accessories, like a desk stand for the pen that holds it upright and ready to grab and a keyboard with a recess for the slate to dock into, as well as a simple dock that’s a stand and charging cradle together.

Acer has been getting attention for the dual-screen Iconia notebook Microsoft showed off in its CES keynote, but we also found an Iconia slate in the private Microsoft PC showcase. It’s another 10.1-inch screen with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD, but this time running on an AMD CPU.

ONE SCREEN: The slightly less iconic Iconia; instead of a second screen, this prototype has a detachable keyboard

It’s a nice sleek slate running Windows 7 Home Premium and weighing 2.2lb but what makes it stand out is the excellent detachable keyboard. This connects to the standard USB port placed on the bottom edge (where many manufacturers are putting a custom dock connector) with two lugs to keep it in place and a flap at the back to help you fold it down when you want to close the laptop you’ve just converted it into.

When we enthused about being able to rip off the keyboard and leave it at home to lighten the load, Microsoft told us about another tablet coming from Portland-based CTL (a small PC maker with the advantage of being geographically close to Intel, who came out with the $ 499 2go Pad SL10 for the education market last year).

Their Oak Trail Atom prototype has a detachable keyboard with an extra battery in, which will double battery life – from ten hours up to 20.

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Rules For Social Networking

It is now very common for an employer to take a sneak peak at employees on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Here are some rules to follow when using these sites:

Rule 1 – What Are Employers Looking For – It is important that you understand what employers are looking for when they are searching out candidates on these sites. Many experts agree that employers are looking to see the person’s professionalism and how they would fit into the work environment. Employers shy away from potential candidates that show over indulgence in alcohol or drug use.

Social networking sites can also lead you to termination should you be unavailable to go to work and your profile indicates you were overindulging.

Rule 2 – Profile – Your profile should be updated regularly. Even if you are not job hunting, an updated profile could lead you to your dream job from a recruiter shifting through the social networks. You should carefully consider the photos and the message you are sending when posting your profile. You should also pay careful attention to the blogs and links in your profile.

It may be too late to clean your profile up after you have interviewed. Most employers have probably already searched for your profile.

Rule 3 – Friends and Groups – On the same token, selectively join groups. While joining these social network sites to connect with people with similar interests is a good idea, employers are now using the sites as a tool to screen employees and potential employees. If you are actively seeking employment while gainfully employed, it is wise to mark your friends list as private.

Otherwise, your current employer may notice that you made friends with a new company that is hiring.
One should be always be mindful of what is put on the Internet even when you are not looking for employment.

Remember to do your research as not all social networking sites are the same. You should also make sure that the sites you choose have privacy and security settings so that you can choose who is able to view your profile.

If you follow these guidelines, you will navigate well in the social networking arena.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions – Six Sigma Online (SSO) ( ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Evolution Of Information Technology

Over the years, Information Technology has advanced so much that we are able to live better lives which is very much different from the way we live before.

Information Technology is actually derived from the term “data processing”. The purpose of Information Technology is to provide us efficient and reliable ways on how to communicate information to other people.

Computers have important roles in the evolution of Information Technology. Before, if we want to send messages, we have no choice but to send it through snail mails. But today, we can use computers to send and receive electronic mails with just a click of a button. Not to mention that sending e-mails is also one of the fastest ways to send messages to our loved ones.

There have been a lot of applications which are created to efficiently fit the way we live our lives today. One example is the instant messaging applications wherein we can communicate with our loved ones almost instantaneously. Instant messaging is not only limited to sending texts but we can also send photos, audio files, or talk to them via voice chat. We can also use instant messaging applications to start a video conferencing with somebody at the other part of the world.

During the early 1990’s, the use of computers in Information Technology especially at home is not that much popular. But since internet has become popular, the usage of computers has become popular too. Computers also enable us to learn online by surfing the internet for different research topics. There is also what we call e-learning wherein a student communicates with the teacher using computers via the internet.

Truly that Information Technology is becoming more and more complicated as it evolves, but always remember that Information Technology is here to provide us convenient ways on how to communicate with our loved ones.

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MiFi 2372 WiFi Benefits And Features

The only MiFi available in the United States marketplace is through Novatel.  The Novatel MiFi 2372 Wifi is a device that lets you surf the internet anywhere a cellular connection is available.

The MiFi uses a Sim card and operates in the United States, Canada and the rest of North America.  The Sim card is programmed with a cellular provider’s identifying data.  By changing the NovatelMiFi 2372 Sim card, you can change the network the device connects to. 

What’s amazing about the MiFi 2372 is its size.  The Novatel MiFi device can slip into your coat pocket with no bulge.  Since there are no wires, there is no need to tether to your computer or plug the device into a source of electricity.  With the exception of charging, there is no need to plug the MiFi 2372 into anything.

With speeds equivalent to a broadband connection available at the touch of a button, you can download files, watch videos, or play games as if you were at home or at the office.  The Novatel MiFi 2372 lets you keep important files backed up and read with a built in microSDHC slot capable of up to 16GB. 

What makes the MiFi 2372 so useful is the fact the because so many people nowadays are on the move, this Novatel wireless device is very accomodating to our current lifestyle.  Never do we have to leave internet connectivity behind when traveling or taking a trip away from home or work.  With the MiFi 2372 up can connect up to five wireless devices simultaneously, which will allow your family and friends to use it during a weekend trip.  You have no excuse not to stay connected and not to use the MiFi 2372 as your preferred method of accessing the internet whether on vacation, at work, at home or anywhere in between.

While there are many different providers of wireless MiFi services, there are only a handful of places to purchase the units online.  MiFi 2372 has proven to be an excellent device.  Leaving the tether of high-speed wireless broadband is easy to do.  With the Novatel MiFi 2372, you become used to the new freedom.

With the MiFi 2372 the office is anywhere you want it to be.

Will Google TV make a difference?

Google TV may have a much bigger impact on the web than a lot of people realize at this point. Here are a few reasons why I think this to be the case. Google tag advertising – new feature for Google Places. Google TV is Huge for Local Business; Google is good at geo-targeting advertising. People turn to Google more and more to look up local business info. Google is placing search at arguably the best place to reach a person in their home – the TV. Connect the dots. Google TV is Huge for E-Commerce; Google TV puts the entire web at the fingertips of TV watchers all the time. Mobile does the same, but now the web is even more in front and center in the viewer’s attention. Anytime a user sees a commercial for some item or hears something mentioned in a TV show, they can easily flip over to the web, find it and buy it without leaving their couch. Even if their phone is charging in the other room, they have immediate access.

Google TV is Huge for Online Video, Google TV will make it so much easier for TV viewers to flip channels outside of what their cable/satellite provider offers. Nothing on TV? Oh well, there are billions of things to watch online. Google TV even goes out of its way to make YouTube a more convenient destination for watching video, and the options certainly aren’t limited to YouTube. One could even envision TV stations coming out with their own paid apps (not unlike newspapers and magazines are currently doing for the iPad). This is essentially for the same reasons mentioned above. Those who engage in this activity will be even more tempted from their TVs. Google TV is Huge for Internet Radio. Everybody loves Internet radio. Sites like Pandora,, Grooveshark, etc. let users listen to music they are really interested in hearing, rather than being subjected to the same old stuff the traditional radio stations throw at them over and over again (with commercials). Internet radio on the TV is just another hub to tap into these outlets, and likely a better one than the phone in terms of quality. Your TV is probably hooked up with better speakers.

Google TV Will Be Big for Android 6. Google TV is Huge for Android, the more Google TV catches on, and more people are likely to flock to Android as their mobile OS of choice. People are going to want devices that have as much integration with one another as possible. Plus, Android apps will work on Google TV. It will be easy to use the same apps between devices if both of the devices are running the same OS. Google TV is Huge for Google Search. Google doesn’t need a lot of help in getting search market share at this point, but Bing is doing everything in its power to creep up. Combined with various mobile apps and social media, people sometimes find fewer reasons to turn to Google for info. Google TV puts Google search a click away on the most important screen in the user’s home.

Google TV is Huge for Facebook, Twitter, and Possibly “Google Me”, people are spending a lot of time using social media these days, whether its sharing content, talking to friends, sharing status updates or whatever. They’re doing it while they watch TV. They’re talking about things that are on TV. If they’re not, TV is probably taking up a separate amount of time in their lives, and Google TV will bring it all together. Many Google TV users will be Facebooking and tweeting from their TVs frequently. In fact, this could have pretty big implications for Google’s own “Google Me” social layers. How many ways will Google let users socialize from Google TV? Besides offering the entire web, they can pretty much do anything they want with the interface. This could be a big opportunity for Google to push use of its own social features. Google TV is Huge for News; People like to watch the news on TV. However, having the web on the TV provides instant access to a much greater selection of news sources, which means people will get more personalized news programming tailored to their specific interests. Remember what Google did for print news? Feel free to try out from the TV. Farmville Comes to the TV. Google TV is Huge for Gaming. Once again, this is simply a product of the entire web being on TV. This means web games, which are becoming increasingly popular (Farmville anyone)? Google itself has made various gaming-related acquisitions, and will likely continue to do so. They also have the Chrome Web Store for web apps. Suddenly there are a lot more options than what the traditional consoles have to offer. As the web on TV becomes more of the norm, online games will only increase in quality. And of course three is the “free” factor. Google TV is Huge for Communication; the TV may become a primary platform for communication, whether it’s through Skype, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or other video chat options. People are going to keep in touch with one another without having to get out of their recliners.

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Mobile Phones and Ringtones

The demand for the latest mobile phones and the freshest ringtones is evidenced by the many vendors in each city who are selling cell phones. Further proof is seen in the millions of teenagers who carry around the newest cell phone models that sport mp3 players, video players, and even WIFI built-in antennas for wireless connections.

There is an additional feature in cell phones which allows people to assign different ringtones to different people in their phonebook for instant caller recognition. It is also the most probable reason for the recent trend in downloading loads of ringtones into one’s phone. Teenagers are the major followers of this trend which has thus opened the gateway for the increasing demand for mobile ringtones. Youngsters who assign a different ringtone for each entry in their phonebook make it a point to download huge numbers of tones. However, certain current research and studies have shown that people from all age groups, not just teenagers, are guilty of massive ringtone downloading.

Consequently, the ringtone industry has boomed throughout the past few years, thanks to the heavy teenage demand for mobile ringers. Also to thank for this boom are the new advancements in mobile phone technology and storage volume of such cell phones.

It was only quite recently that the Real Tones were created and yet they now overshadow almost all the other types of ringtones. Real Tones can be downloaded from the Internet and provide customers with a better mobile phone experience. The most frequently downloaded Real Tone ringtones include the classics, soft music, band music, and soundtracks.

There are numerous various reasons why people love to download new ringtones but there are two main reasons. One is for them to be able to escape the monotony of life and break your daily routine. Two, they do it to customize their phone to make it more unique and updated. Other reasons include the fact that teens tend to want to show off their ringtones to their peers which is also a sort of friendly competition.

With the high demand for fresh and trendy ringtones, ringtone suppliers have taken advantage of the situation and have added various other web applications which are able to offer ringtone files for users to download. There are providers who use teasers such as ringers that have a free trial period to attract customers and then charge fees on the next downloads. Other suppliers enter partnership ventures with carriers to come up with easier web applications for downloading files directly to the phone over the network through GPRS or WAP. The subscriber then foots the bill for every kilobyte that was downloaded.

Mobile phones and ringtones have a great partnership going and it appears it will continue for a long time coming.

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