The Gorgeous Handset of This Season Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy SIII fans can now easily breathe as the 4.8inch 720pdisplay and a polished new design is in your town and on 30th may the gadget is out in UK. Earlier Samsung always opt for a rectangular shape design as in S2 but now the company has chosen an oval shape styling which earlier seen in the Galaxy Nexus that arrived last year in November.

The corners of the super phone are smooth and rounded moreover the curved back does not possess the rear facing lumpy bits the earlier use to decorate the S2 and Nexus. At the edges of the gadget you would find some chrome decorations but its button layout pattern is still the same as the home buttons are accessible below the screen along with touch sensitive menu.

The super phone is available in blue and white color. The blue color gives a brushed metal effect and the white color is quite lustrous. Moreover if you are fond of black color than also you may opt for this blue color as it looks almost black. Samsung always tries to launch their handsets in different shades so it would not be surprising news for anyone that Samsung is launching the gadget in pink color. The galaxy s3 deals weighs 133g and is 8.6mm thick which makes the gadget quite thicker than the S2 which is 8.49mm thick. So in comparison iphone 4S is smaller as it is 9.3mm wide and weighs 140g.

The display screen of the SIII is 4.8 inches which makes the gadget biggest among the currently available handsets. Moreover the benefit of this big screen is that the videos and photos look really amazing. It has a resolution of 1280×720 and provides high definition footage moreover the texts and the icons are remarkably sharp. It has 8 mega pixel cameras which was also available in SII and fired the best shots.
It has one new feature that is its ability to capture still images especially while you are recording video. It also has 2 mega pixel cameras which is at the front side of the best samsung galaxy s3 deals and is used for video calling and faces detection and would not dim the phone screen as long you are looking at it.

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Heads up: Cambridge holographic technology adopted by Jaguar Land Rover – Phys.Org

Heads up: Cambridge holographic technology adopted by Jaguar Land Rover
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Technology Will Soon Make Black Friday Obsolete
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Just Dance Ringtone – woman Gaga

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Apple has bought the motion capture technology behind Star Wars –
Apple has bought the motion capture technology behind Star Wars
Apple is the new owner of Faceshift, the motion capture technology that Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm used to help bring alien characters to life in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although the acquisition went through in August this year and was rumoured
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Samsung reveals latest smart phone; The Galaxy S3

In London, all of the rumors and crazy speculations were answered by Samsung as they unveiled the smart phone dubbed as “designed for humans, inspired by nature.” Yes, the latest addition to their elite list of phones is soon to be released in the market. And they gave us more treats by letting us take a peak of their latest serving. Let us all welcome the plausible iPhone “killer”.
The Hardware
Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 is relatively bigger than the S2. But it would still perfectly fit in your hands. The design comes in two colors; marble white and pebble blue. It has slick curves that match to that of a perfectly molded pebble.
The phone’s major feature, however, is its 4.8 inch AMOLED screen. The retina display on the iPhone 4S is indeed lovely, but with the 3.5 inch screen some would definitely crave for a bigger and wider screen. But despite the large screen, it’s thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S.
The Galaxy S3 does that for you, and while it lets you enjoy the crisp and clear details of your phone’s icons multi-tasking is a breeze with its quad core Exynos processor. It also houses a gig of RAM. It would also come in 3 storage size; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The rear camera is also improved at 8MP, and what’s even better is its new burst shot picture that can take 3 photos in a second.
New features and software
One would always expect that if there’s a new smart phone, the hardware part is always a better version of what’s already out. So, here are the few things, non-hardware, which made us all excited about the Galaxy S3:
It might have been the first or perhaps we’ve just overlooked similar features on other smart phones, but when you tap on the Galaxy S3’s lock screen it will show you water ripples and you’ll hear the sound of water from the phone.
Among today’s smart phones with auto-dim feature, the users would always have problems with it. There are times that your phone dims when we don’t want it to. But with the S3’s “Smart Stay”, it uses the front camera to detect if someone is looking at the screen. If it recognizes a face, it won’t dim.
The unique “Pop up Play” feature is very convenient to those who would want to multi-task between watching a movie clip and reply to a text message.
Also, when you read a text message and you feel the need to call the sender right away you don’t have to look and dial for their number. Just bring up the phone to your ear and the phone itself will dial for you.
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Diversifying Technology Education
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CounterBomber technology combats suicide attacks
Fox News
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Iphone 5 offers multiple options

Iphone 5 has numerous much anticipated features. Its impending launch will satisfy numerous expectations.

The iphone 5 is a much anticipated device from Apple that is having numerous exciting features that will interest consumers. It is slated to begin production in July. It is having numerous anticipated improvements such as increase in screen size from 3.5 inches to a larger 4-inch ‘edge-to-edge’ screen. Apple’s new iPhone is supposed to include Apple’s A5 processor and a much-improved 8-mega pixel rear camera. It is definitely stated to mark an improvement on the iphone 4. Despite that sales of the latter product continue to be brisk, indicating that Apple may not be keen to shift production to a new product soon.

The scale of orders of this device is scheduled to be unprecedented with an estimated worth of sales somewhere close to $ 172 million. All these developments indicate that the release date could be around July this year. As we mentioned earlier that most of the customers who got the earlier version of the device, would still have around a year before they can cancel their contract without incurring termination fee. The average amount that most customers will require to switch networks would be in the range of $ 300. It could however go up to the range of $ 600. Added to that is the selling price for this device which is coming with a new contract. The issue is whether this new device is worth the price. There have been all sorts of rumours, with some suggesting that it will facilitate online payments, while some believe that it will use face detection technique for better privacy.

Similarly this device is scheduled to have a superior camera facility as compared to the iPhone 4 white.Camera facilities have generally not been a prominent concern with Apple, with even cheaper mobiles having superior camera facilities. It is offering numerous options to users to benefit from.It is having numerous interesting characteristics such as an ultra-thin body together with Retina display along with 3D features along with extended battery life and face recognition together with in-built GPS and wireless syncing with Apple iTunes.

One of the prominent features it is hosting is video conferencing. The new operating system on it will be heavily built around the cloud, and much of the cloud stuff will be talked about at WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled to take place in June. Reuters’ reports are hinting it is scheduled for an early release. Apple is also scheduling the white version of the earlier variant of this device for release within the next couple weeks.


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