Diy Computer Printer Repair

Following are the steps that would help you to repair all sorts of computer printers:
In any type of printer problem it is highly advised to refer to the user manual. If you find any sort of code popping up on the computer or printer screen then you should refer to the user manual because the user manual generally has all the information about all sorts of error codes. If you cant find the user manual then no problem just search these error codes on Google and you will come across all the information you require.
On the other hand, you can also check out the information of the product provided at the website of the manufacturer of the printer you own. Generally the website has different troubleshooting options and you can easily check them in order to find a solution.
The first thing that you can do if you dont get any sort of errors of signals from both printer and computer is to check the connection between the two devices because sometimes a lose wire can cause problems. Hence you should check all the connections between them in order to ensure there is no lose connection. You should make sure that the printer is receiving transmissions from the computer.
Another very common problem that you should look out for is the paper jam. Sometimes if the paper is not properly inserted in the printer it jams up which denies prints. All you have to do in this is to open the head and pull out the paper stuck in it this would probably clear the paper jam.
All the above mentioned steps can help you solve some of the simplest printer problems which occur on a daily basis. These steps will not help you in case of a technical problem with the printer. In case there is a technical fault in the printer then you will have to get in touch with a computer printer repair service provider. Most computer repair services providers also provide printer repair services and you can easily find them online as well.

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Why Wi-Fi Antennas?

Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) allows one to connect to the Internet or a private network without a cable. The purpose of a Wi-Fi antenna is to allow for more signal strength. Sometimes, whether at your home office or at a local eatery, signal strength can be weak or poor in particular spots. You may find that relocating your laptop from one room or space to another location helps increase signal strength. If this happens, then a Wi-Fi antenna is necessary for resolving this issue. No one wants to continuously walk around searching for the spot with the best signal strength.

With a Wi-Fi antenna you can connect more easily and readily to wireless networks, whether at home, work or a local diner with wireless Internet. In addition, websites will take less time to load and you can transfer your files in less time. Wi-Fi also allows you to connect to your favorite hotspot and to create a network to play online or network-based games with others.

And Wi-Fi helps people stay connected at a cheaper price.

Today, laptops are more commonly used because of advancements in technology and because of the convenience of taking your laptop wherever you go. If you want to connect your Wi-Fi antenna to your laptop, you just need to plug the wireless card into your laptop, attach the laptop adapter cable to the wireless card, and then attach your Wi-Fi antenna to the cable. You can also use a USB adaptor for a wireless antenna.

The Internet is used for countless reasons. Today, many people need to stay connected to the Internet whether for work-related purposes, school and studying, or for purposes such as shopping or communicating with others for enjoyment. Although Wi-Fi antennas help people stay connected, long-range antennas and adapters help you receive better Wi-Fi connection. As mentioned above, local hotspots and travel spots provide Wi-Fi Internet; however, wireless Internet doesn’t always effectively reach every spot throughout a location. A long range Wi-Fi antenna will help solve this problem.

And what’s more interesting than a Wi-Fi antenna for your laptop? A mobile WiFi antenna for your car, truck, RV or other vehicle, which comes in handy since many truck stops and parks offer wireless access.

With Wi-Fi, you’re connected wherever you go.


I’m a content writer from South Jersey.

Tips to supercharge your home Wi-Fi

Your home Wi-Fi network can do so much more than just serve as a means of wireless internet for your laptop and phone. Video streaming, audio streaming, data transfer, security and surveillance, wireless printing; it’s all possible over a Wi-Fi network. To start with, all you need is a stable internet connection and a Wi-Fi router , placed in an appropriate location so as to allow maximum coverage. The range of the wireless router defines the extent of your home network.

Then, depending on what you want to do, you can buy and configure any of these wireless capable devices to smarten up your network. Here’s how you can put your existing home Wi-Fi network to good use.

For your TV in your bedroom
A network-ready media player like the WD TV Live (Rs 8,000)will play and upscale almost any multimedia file you load up from a connected USB drive.

The upscaling process works to increase the quality of standard definition video files to better match the HD resolution of your flat panel TV. With the optional Wi-Fi adapter, you can watch YouTube videos on your TV, or stream multimedia content stored on any PC on the same network.

For the family room

The family room with a projector and a Sony PlayStation3 (Rs 19,990) is ideal for both big-screen gaming or entertainment. The PS3 has Wi-Fi built in, so it can easily connect to your network. To watch movies on the PS3, you could connect a hard drive to it, but you’ll be bogged down by limited file format support. Instead, install the free PS3 Media Server on any PC connected on the same network. No configuration is needed; once the software is installed and running on the PC, it finds the PS3 on the same network. From the PS3, you can browse and playback all the media files stored on the PC. And it also does on-the-fly video conversions, so you don’t have to worry about what format the videos are stored in.

For your study or home office

The wireless router kept here is the hub of all activity. A wireless printer (Rs 11,995 onwards) can be configured to all PCs in the house over Wi-Fi. A desktop PC kept here can function as the central storage for all multimedia files. Note that the desktop PC would need to have a wireless card (or USB wireless adapter) in order to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Alternately, it can also be connected to the Wi-Fi modem with an Ethernet cable if not placed too far away. The functionality remains the same.

For the children’s room

The children’s PC can be monitored remotely via monitoring software like PCPandora ($ 69.95, This PC will also be able to print directly to the printer in the study. This PC will also need a wireless card or USB Wi-Fi adapter installed in order to access the network.

For the living/dining area

To listen to some soothing music while eating dinner or entertaining, an audio streamer like the Logitech Squeezebox Classic (Rs 19,995) can wirelessly stream MP3 files from any PC on the same network or from thousands of internet radio stations. Alternately, a Sony PlayStation Portable (Rs 8,490) or a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone can also be used to stream music from any of the thousands of internet radio stations — PSP with the built in Internet Radio app, and the smartphone with any one of hundreds of apps like Yahoo! Music, Mobbler or Last!FM.

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How to Increase WiFi Signal?

The experts offer a number of easy means to increase or boost your WiFi signal and of course to increase its range. The first and the most effective method is to change the internal settings of your PC or laptop. The wireless router or adapter in most cases might be just waiting for that easy operation to turn up to its maximum potential. If it is the case of a laptop, there are many advanced settings to set it to the right mode.



The user has to click on the network adapters’ option and then double click on the wireless adapter to display the various options available. If there is a single strength option, well and good, set the signal strength to the maximum. If there is a Power Save mode option, it is better the user turns it off completely from the drop down list. As it is found that the laptop saves power by tuning down the wireless adapter, which may cause less performance due to decreased WiFi signal.



Correct positioning of the wireless router is another good means to increase the WiFi signal.

In the case of covering multiple computers, it is wise to have the wireless router positioned in such a way that nothing blocks or disrupts the line of sight with the other adapters. Since the router’s antenna is omni-directional, if you want to cover a floor with the WiFi signal, then the router should be placed in the middle of the floor.



It is also advisable to position your network adapter away from the computer, cables and fluorescent lights. This is because these devices produce electromagnetic radiation which interferes with the WiFi signal.



Buying a high gain antenna is also a right step in the right direction. High gain directional antennas increase the coverage of your WiFi by siphoning the WiFi signal to one direction than the conventional method of blanket coverage with omni directional antennas.



Adding a new wireless router is also a good means to increase the WiFi signal. In the case of buying two or more routers or accessories, it is always advisable to choose the same brand so that you can take advantage of any speed boosting technology and it also aids compatibility.



Another good way of increasing the WiFi signal through floors is the purchase of a new repeater. It has no phone cables or Ethernet cables, the user needs to just plug in to a wall socket and set it up. It effectively picks up the WiFi signal and doubles up its range.




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How to Connect to WiFi

Before WiFi came into the picture, the way of doing research from the Internet for assignments, playing real time games with other people, or simply to refer to the Internet meant that you will either need to do your work at home, in office, or in an Internet café. However, at present day, things have changed. You can access to the Internet almost anywhere at all so long WiFi is available for use. So how do we connect to WiFi at all?


First, make sure your computer or laptop has wireless transmitters. The newer versions of desktop computers and laptops should have it build in already, but if yours do not, you will need to get a wireless adapter which can be plugged into either your computer’s card slot or USB port.


Now, with the wireless adapter properly installed, make sure your drivers are able to detect it as it should be able to run automatically when they detect existing networks.

It will appear when you turn on your computer in an area where WiFi is provided, and then your computer will have a dialog appearing saying that there are wireless networks available and asks you if you would like to connect to it. Older computers may not be able to do that without software programs that allow the computer to detect and connect the computer to a wireless network.


When you click on the dialog, or the icon for the WiFi detection, you will see a list of wireless networks available as well as their WiFi signal strength meter. The fuller the bars are on these WiFi signal strength meter, the better the connection to the network. However, some of them are private networks which would be password encrypted for log in. If you do not have the password, do not click the private ones. When you have chosen the network, click Connect, and you will be connected if the meter strength is strong enough.


Chris has written this article and likes to share articles on topics like infrared waves and wifi signal strength meter.

Buy Google Plus 1

Buy Google Plus 1 is a new way to recommend things on the Internet and a new way to interact with other users and websites. On the Internet, there are several ways to interact with the Web sites and other people. For example, you can chat with someone online, you can send someone to a social networking site you can buy a product, you can read a book, or you can do many other things. When you find something you want, you can tell people about it in many ways. You can e-mail, you can call, or you can tell them in person. Moreover, these methods are different ways to show your friends and other Internet users, who are interested in something, or recommend it to other people.

Google plus one is one of the newest ways to do this, and was recently published by one of the most comprehensive search engine, Google. Consequently, this could be one of the most comprehensive ways to recommend something online. This feature is a button on websites, where you and other users of the Internet are able to demonstrate that we recommend the product, site or the story to others. When you click the button, the site is a new one. This is a great way to show that the user of the Internet that you enjoyed the website, or that you think the product is a good thing. You can also add notes to Google Plus one who seeks all because of something we recommend. Now you can recommend and review the site without having to go directly to the recommendations and reviews of the site that exists specifically for this.

If you already have a Google account to enable you to fully exploit this feature. Once you are logged in, you can see what your contacts are registered with Google, plus one. You can also use a Google button on the things themselves, and you want a tab over one of the things you recommended in the past. Even if you do not have a Google Account, you can still see the whole one more google.

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Google Plus One Tips

The google plus one button has already been around for a while and many people wonder what the advantages of this new button are. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss about the google +1 button and how to make the most of it. First, we’ll speak about how the +1 actually works. Next, we’ll write about how to implement it on your website or blog. Lastly, we are going to speak about means to get more google pluses.

Google plus one is similar with the facebook like button, but momentarily is simply a voting button for search engine. Can it be more than that? Actually, the google plus one button will become more than just a ranking button. When you’re logged in to a google account, or to your google plus account and hit +1 on a specific web content, the specific content will become more important when you’re searching for something and your friend circle will see what you click.

The +1 button was been implemented to google ads too.

Whether you own a blog or a website and you want to make it more popular, you’ll have to implement the google plus one button, just as the facebook like, tweets and many others that you’ve added in the past. To add the google plus button by yourself paste this code into your body or head tags: , and then place this code where you want the +1 button to appear on your page: . If you’re a wordpress user there are plenty of plugins to add the +1 button automatically.

To get more pluses on your website you have to do a few things. First, hit the +1 button yourself to make the link public to your circles. Next, encourage them to click; tell people to click the plus one button by writing a message on your site or by adding a drawing, or image that point to the button. Give free stuff to people that push the +1. Visitors will be happy to +1 your website if they get a free useful guide or something else in return, so do it. And if you really need more plus clicked on your site there’s always an easy way, which is to buy google plus one clicks for your website or blog from marketing companies specialized in selling it at great prices.

Only by applying all these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of the google plus one button. Whether you apply the free tips, or buy google plus one clicks, your website will benefit from the extra traffic. But for the best outcome we believe the fastest way is to purchase google plus one clicks.

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Getting Free Traffic From Google News

Google news 

You don’t have to be a CNN or BBC news reporter to get considerable traffic from Google News. Google, as far as I am aware, only keeps news articles for the last 30 days.  

How to use  

Using the search bar at the top of the page start off by typing in site: – you would then enter keywords to search for a site’s content. You will then see how many sites Google has approved in the timeframe that relates to your keywords. The lower the response, the less popular that keyword material is. For example, if you wanted to look at the search engine industry over the last 30 days, you would type in site: and you will see that not a huge number of pages come up.   

The owners of these pages have suggested to Google that their site is one with good news and if you think your site also has good news and is not included under your keyword search, you can submit it to Google for their approval. If your site gets approved by Google as being newsworthy, you can get a lot of traffic from this by people visiting Google News.


If you want to submit a page for approval, go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom, click on the link ‘about Google News’. What will come up is quite a lengthy page so scroll down to the FAQs and go to Q 26 – What if I don’t see my favourite news source in the search results? You can get in touch with them and recommend a news source by choosing the first option. If your site does have news and it is up to date (it helps if your site is industry specific rather than just a general news site), then just submit it for approval. It is possible that Google may not approve a site that is brand new but that shouldn’t deter you from applying. A site that has been around longer generally has more authority.  

Using press releases to get in Google News  

If you are a regular submitter of articles through PRWeb, you may already have had some of these featured in Google News. If not, then this maybe something you should consider doing. A press release doesn’t have to be written by a professional; they are reviewed by a team of editors, and can be written up in 10-15 minutes. A few paragraphs are sufficient and then submit it to PRWeb. You may get some publicity this way and also have visitors going over to look at your site.  

If you go back to the home page and using the search command again, type in site: and you will see a large number of pages on Google News are from this source. You may submit a press release and not actually realise you can also get a lot more traffic for this one release if it features on Google News. Another site that features highly on Google News is so this site too should be considered when submitting your articles.  

Watch out for my next article on using Google Images to also get some free traffic.  

Trish Mullen is a successful online marketer and entrepreneur having moved into this arena following a very successful 15+ years in corporate management. She now coaches and mentors others in her online business to build on the turnkey business they are in and create their own world of wealth. For more information on this very lucrative and complete business visit her website at where you can sign up and receive a free set of video marketing tips.

Social Facebook, news in applications

Another fetish of our decade is surely represented by social networks, first of all for Facebook, which thanks to its widespread distribution, well-being are now 500 000 subscribers who connect and interact daily in the website, which have now become part of the habits and customs. In many cases, even they themselves have changed the making of gestures required. How many times have you happened to see people walking while writing, tweeting on Twitter or other social networks of global reach by their mobile phones? And this is not just a habit that can be found among younger people, which surely are the most familiar with, but also “unexpected”.

Just for the integration of technology and being connected always and everywhere are born the new Facebook applications that focus on the functions of location-based and seek to “earn” something to their users through the function called “places”.

Submitted November 3 by the same Mark Zuckerberg, twenty-six years old founder of Facebook, the social network at the headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The managing director has in fact announced that the company is working on applications fully compatible with the spirit of social philosophy and social network. A technically simpler and more versatile to allow communication on the move.

This work therefore focuses on improving the platform that runs the system. There are four key hubs which have focused on application developers. The first is the same login, the replacement of the entry form credentials with a button that allows access within the social network.

The second is the “Places”, already present in the social network that allows real-time signal their location. Since the function has been used less than expected by users, developers have decided to increase its use through a technique is very simple: you notify you in that store you are and in return the business to offer a small gift.

The third line of development is that which concerns the making available of those who produce most of the applications system that runs the option Places. Developers will be able to add functionality to geographic information in their applications, by better integrating the social network in their programs.

The fourth line of development is that relating to applications for the iPhone, and Android iPad
The iPhone application has been updated to add “Groups”, the new option to create groups of friends within the social network with which to share content. The new version features interface changes that simplify the integration of image and status. In manufacturing there is a new version of Android that will include features places and groups, motivated by the still absent from the smartphone operating system from Google.

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from blog cellulari.
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Google Earth News: Reviewed

Google Earth News: Reviewed

Once you’ve seen this, you’ll need 5 minutes to get your breath back! Then you can Travel.
What’s google

Google is stunning, it is another great package from the kings who can do no wrong. Simply follow 2 steps to take advantage of this great free download from Google for any holiday traveler. Google is going to take some processing power, so firstly make sure you meet the minimum spec on your machine by checking the following before you download it:

– Windows 2000, or XP

– Pentium 3, 500Mhz

– 128M RAM

– 400MB disk space

– Network speed: 128Kbits/sec

– 3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM

– 1024×768, “16-bit High Color” screen
– “Google Earth” is a free product and shares an installer with “Google Earth Plus”. You can upgrade your Google Earth to Plus via the Help menu.
– “Google Earth Plus” This version is for non-commercial use only
– This version supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

– It does run on Windows Server 2003 and XP-x64.
– It does not run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, or Windows ME.
– There are known issues with “Windows XP for tablet PCs” and Windows XP Media Center.
– It has also been tested successfully with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) with this exception:
– A minimum screen size of 1024×768 pixels is required.

Also, “True Color (32-bit)” resolution and a sufficient graphics card are required for clamped filled polygons; otherwise, they will be displayed

as outlines only.
– The default OpenGL graphics rendering engine is the usually the best from both a performance and visual quality perspective for Google eart.
– The DirectX version of Google can be selected in the Preferences panel. If there is a problem at startup, you can also change it from the Start Menu item. Use it on older machines and laptop computers that have trouble with the default OpenGL version.
– The DirectX version of Google requires DirectX 8.1 or newer.
I would suggest you try it now. It really is an incredible tool from Google and will prove to be great from a educational and useful viewpoint , especially when they start adding Google Maps and Google Local to it.

You can soon see whats around the corner.

A 9 out of 10 from the Google Talks Team