iOS 6 to Bring Facebook Integration

Some users have requested a revamp of the OS, which has used the grid-based app layout since its debut in 2007. TechCrunch also said Facebook integration won't be coming to OS X Mountain Lion for now, and there definitely won't be Google Plus-iOS
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IT jobs in Dubai

Dubai has proved to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a plethora of jobs around. IT industry is one such domain that has dominated the job market in Dubai. With total sales marking a whooping $ 3 billion, global economic down turn does not seem to have much affected the demand for IT products and services in Dubai. Not only this, the sales are expected to shoot up at a compound annual growth rate of 14% in the coming years, due to continuous demand from government. This condition has proven to be a boon for the IT jobs in Dubai, inviting new investments and brains.

It is expected that an expenditure of $ 1.6-2.2 million will be made per year by the government to increase the number of IT jobs in Dubai. Government of Dubai is also planning to implement its plan of getting 90% of its services online. Alike other countries, industry of IT jobs in Dubai, performed well with expansions in the employment sector, with the salary of IT professionals getting increased by 10.8 per cent.

IT jobs in Dubai are mainly divided into hardware and software employment. The industry is mainly targeting software developers for the IT jobs in Dubai, which is expected to increase more in the coming years.

Applying for jobs It is a good move if you are looking for IT jobs in Dubai. However, it is also advised by the experts, that you must secure a position before taking the flight. Always be clear in mind that you need to have high-levels of formal qualifications and substantial work experience and must have crisp and accurate answers to the questions of the employers. Keep your resume updated and tailor it with the cover letters according to the specific job. Work out on your skills and highlight them on your resume. Present you skills and experience wisely and nicely.

It will be an add-on if you have a work experience or language abilities of any Middle East country. Many jobs are published every day in the field of IT, among which, the most alluring IT jobs in Dubai include:

• Information technology.

• Network administration.

• Computer systems administration.

• Systems management.

• Hardware engineering.

• Software engineering.


You must be well trained in the languages requested for various projects. Experience is essential to move up and assume duties of greater responsibility. Here is the brief description of the job levels in the IT industry in Dubai:

1. Program developers: Mostly categorized into junior and senior. Work experience matters, with less than 6 months of experience, you come under the category of junior. If you have an experience of around 2 years, you are qualified for the post of a senior.

2. Programmer Analyst / Team Leader: After few years of experience, the programmer can qualify for the responsible positions, such as development of the project, or move to the category of Programmer Analyst or Team manager. An experienced professional is always considered by the company to manage his staff and a larger share of technical responsibility in the project.

3. Analyst: The position of technical, functional or organic analyst requires a higher level of responsibility and expertise.

4. Project Manager: The top most spot, the head coach of programming development, taking care of its diverse staff.

The duties of a project manager are leadership and team structure. The fast growing economy of Dubai promises great employment prospects and quality of life, this is the reason why the city has attracted various software professionals from around the world, no matter if they are contractors or permanent staff. So if you think that you have the right qualifications and attitude, go ahead, jobs in Dubai are waiting for you!

Gurleen Walia writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for Gulf jobs Region, Jobs in Middle East and jobs in Dubai, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

Google ups the ante in patent fight with Microsoft

Connect with TechFlash on our Facebook page for all the latest technology news headlines and commentary, plus information and access to special events, photos from events, promotions and more. by Emily Parkhurst on Friday, June 1, 2012,
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Facebook-amplified version of Bing now live for all in US

The big idea behind Bing's search-plus-social experience is to help people accomplish more while searching with the help of their Facebook friends. The redo echoes Search Plus Your World, the recent Google search rollout that pivots around Google+ data
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Amazing Ringtone | Download Inna Amazing Ringtone

Amazing ringtone – Download Amazing ringtone direct to your phone in seconds! Be one of the first to get Amazing ringtone on your cell phone.

“Amazing” is an electro-house song by Romanian recording artist Inna, from her debut album “Hot”. The song debuted on Radio 21 FM in August 6, 2009, and was released in October 2009. It brought Inna the first number-one single in her home country Romania.

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Being well known for releasing awesome songs, Inna have done it again with the release of Amazing. Although this is a fairly new release by Inna, “Amazing” is currently one of the top downloads at online music stores such as Amazon and iTunes. There is already a buzz on video tube sites such as YouTube and Amazing is certain to rocket high into the charts around the globe.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this latest offering from Inna. This song’s reach is not just limited to mp3 downloads, the Amazing ringtone is one of the hottest ringtone downloads around at the moment. If you’re into Inna in a big way, you should definitely have some Inna ringtones on your phone.

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True fans of Inna should be downloading their music legally. Tracks cost as little as $ 0.99 from a site such as iTunes and even less from a subscription site. For information about subscription music sites and to get free trials, have a look at You can also get the Amazing Ringtone sent directly to your phone. If you are looking for the latest and greatest ringtone, click here to Download Amazing Ringtone straight to your phone now.

The Google-Facebook War Gets Real

Facebook is getting in-your-face with Google because its Google Plus social network is starting to take big chunks of traffic away from Facebook. The plunge began in January as Google introduced a "search your world" feature on its search engine.
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Is Twitter slowing down?

In February, the group asked Americans if they "use social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus." Sixty-six percent said yes. That's not an apples-to-apples comparison, since the questions were asked in different ways and since Pew
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Brands like ITC & T-Series taking baby steps on Google+ to explore efficacy

MUMBAI: When Google Plus (G+) was launched in June 2011, it was the search engine giant's biggest gambit to take on Facebook in the thriving space of social networking. Although in past one year G+ hasn't find the same success it had wished against
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Amazon Kindle WiFI

With the world getting all the more advanced today, it is no longer a surprise when Amazon came up with Amazon Kindle WiFi. If you are new to Kindle, it is an E-book reader that can store up to 200 E-books, making your reading experience all the more convenient. You no longer have to go to a book store and carry loads and loads of books home with you. All you need to do is simply download and you can read those books anytime, anywhere.

The Amazon Kindle WiFi is portable and a wireless electronic device which can make you read a variety of publications digitally – magazines, newspapers and books, of course. The history of E-books is they were first produced in the early 1970’s but it wasn’t until later that these E-book readers were dedicated to so that it will aim for digital reading of magazines and periodicals.

Amazon Kindle WiFi is one of the most popular and well known E-book reader and that is why you need to have it too.

With this Amazon Kindle WiFi, you can say goodbye to carrying dozens of books in your bag because Amazon Kindle WiFi even weighs less than an average paperback. The good news is it cannot just store 2,000 books but 3,500! It has a six inch display – whenever you want to go on a vacation, all you need is your Amazon Kindle WiFi.

This Amazon Kindle WiFi does not strain the eyes or cause any stress for you while you are reading because of its anti-glare screen feature. You can even read well when you are under a very bright sunlight. It is small therefore it is very easy to handle. It has a built in free wireless connectivity so you do not need to have a WiFi when you want to download any digital publications.

Amazon Kindle WiFi is very much ideal for people who are always on the go – you cannot just use this for reading; you can also view your email from this Kindle. It has an excellent pdf reader to boot.

If you are still a little unsure about buying it, you can always test the product first. You can try downloading a book – just a couple of chapters if you want and see if you are content with the result. This Amazon Kindle WiFi may not come in full color unlike the Kindle Fire but still it has very useful features.

You can even change the font of the print or the orientation so you have the option to view it in portrait or landscape mode. You even have the option to download your favourite mp3 files and some podcasts. Amazon Kindle WiFi will surely change your views on reading – no ifs and buts about it.

If you have Amazon Kindle WiFi, you can easily take a vacation; go to the beach and read your favourite novels under the sun while you are sipping your favourite fruit shake. Now, doesn’t that sound perfectly divine?  And for more of an impact, check out the Kindle Touch Screen, too.

CaSAndra Poulos is a fan of the Kindle e-readers and owns 2 of them hersel.

5 Top Social Media Professionals on Google+

Heck, even for this article many of us are confused about the name itself, is it G+, Google Plus, Google + or Google+??? The very fact that the + sign causes SEO problems speaks volumes about Google's planning on this thing.
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